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Mylai Guruji at Thangal Ashram

Akhanda Sainama at Thangal Ashram

We generally go to holy places for getting peace of mind. If we get it we say "It is a sacred place." As we have experienced Divine grace  at Thangal Ashram .

This place is enroute to Thiruthani from Chittor(18 Kms) and 9 Kms from Vallimalai in Vellore Dt. of Tamil nadu. It is here we find 'Jeeva Samadhi of Sri Sri Sri Mauna Guru Deva and Mahasamadhi of Sadguru Sundarama Swamiji. Both Gurus are being worshipped irrespective of caste, creed, sex and economic status. Both gurus had Sakshatkar of Lord Venkateshwara. 9 feet high Panchaloha Murthi of Venkateswara Perumal is presiding over the Ashram.

 Valli Malai Mouna Guru Swami and his disciple the late Mylai Maa Munivar Guruji Sundara Ram Swamigal.

Mylai Guruji Sundara Ram Swamigal Speech

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Jayaram Vilas at Ramakrishna Mutt Road  [opposite mylapore talk]was the home of Mylai Guruji Sundararaman Swamigal, a person credited with doing wonderful work for the restoration of the Kozha Vizhi Temple, just a street away from where I live.

We found Marble Murthi of Sai Baba installed by the then former Governer of Tamil Nadu, Dr M Channa Reddy garu. We were further surprised to see idols of Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha, replica of Macca and Madina. We hear and read about universal religion here. Hats off to the Founders. Mauna Guruji cured diseases through prayers and medicines. A tiger was his constant companion. He took Jeeva Samadhi. Sri Sundara Rama Guruji sacrificed health and wealth for the sake of suffering devotees. He did Kumbhabhishek of more than 5000 temples and devotees called him "Kumbhabhisheka Chakravarthy". Not only Sundara Rama Guru visited Shirdi but took number of devotees to Shirdi.

The essence of their teaching centres round one sentence i.e., "possess but behave as if you do not possess". Though this is a simple sentence but has deep meaning if we analyse.

Shri Sundara Rama Guru taught:

1. In all circumstances, we should try our best and leave the result to the Almighty.

2. In all circumstances of difficulties try tp be confidant that God's blessing is there to protect us.

3. All kinds of problems come across because of imbalance so let us try to be perfect, calm and concentrate with utmost dedication at all point of time and work. Sathguru Venkataraman's revelations on Thangal Mouna Siddhar and his disciple, Mylai Guruji Sundararam Swamigal are the subject of a book published by us.  Sathguru Venkataraman's Book on Thangal Mouna Guru Swamigal and his disciple, Mylai Guruji Sundararam Swamigal.

Guruji and his second daughter A.S Mahalakshmi ... rarely making an appearance -- is a post graduate. Serving her father and fulfilling his ambition is dominating force in her. Guruji is known for doing Pooja's with perfect planning, ease and silence pervading. Guruji thinks and she does. Both in the house and Asramam decorating the deities was her choice. Many people exclaim with reverence the decoration of the deities, Mandapams. She is very much the same in maintaining the Asramam, serene, clean and beautiful. Having been very close to the father, she has imbibed his qualities of understanding others and forgetting herself. Her service is indeed great.

Ashram details
A.S. Mahalakshmi
c/o Gurudev dharmasthabanam Thangal Ashram
Thangal Via Ponnai
Vellore Dist., Tamil Nadu,
India.Pin: 632514
Tele: 04172 257212 / 257236

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